Tub or Shower Inlay

Filterable FAQ

-How soon after installation can I use my tub or shower?
You can bathe or shower 24 hours after installation. That's nice if you have only one tub or shower.
-How do you clean an inlay?
Inlays should be cleaned the same as you would clean a fiberglass tub or shower.
-Is this a permanent fix for my cracked tub or shower?
If installed properly, it will never come off. Our proprietary, marine-grade adhesive permanently bonds the inlay and damaged bottom together.
-What other materials are required, other than what comes in the kit?
You will also need a caulk gun to apply the adhesive, denatured alcohol, paper towels for cleanup and a household tub cleaner.
-How hard are NuTub inlays to install?
You don't need to be handy to successfully install an inlay. No special tools or skills are required. Installation takes about 1 hour. Click here to see installation videos.
-Do NuTub inlays come in different colors?
Tub inlays come in white and bone. Shower inlays only come in bone. Complete color, size and availability information is available here.  If your tub or shower is a color other than bone or white, you can have it refinished after installation. Click here for more information on tub or shower refinishing.
-Where can I purchase a NuTub inlay?
NuTub bathtub inlays are currently available in select Lowe's stores and online at lowes.com. Shower inlays are available at lowes.com. More information is available here.
-What kind of tubs will the NuTub inlay work on?
NuTub inlays will work on almost any type of tub or shower including fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain, cast iron, pressed steel enamel and plastic fixtures.

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Tub Restore Mat

Tub Restore Mat

-Will this work over a cracked tub or shower bottom?
We don't recommend this product to go over cracks. We suggest the inlay for that issue. These are available online through several retailers. Click on the How to Purchase link on this site.

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-Will this work on any tub?
It will work on any smooth tub or shower bottom. If yours is textured the mat will not properly adhere. Buy Clenbuterol online

-How long do I have to wait after I install the mat?
You can use the tub or shower right away after installing the mat.
-Can I trim the mat?
Yes, it is best to use household scissors instead of a knife.