Tub Restore Mats

Tub Restore Mats are available through Lowe’s online and in select Lowe’s stores. Please call ahead to your local Lowe’s store to see if they have them.

Click on the Lowe’s logo below this sentence to purchase a Tub Restore Mat from Lowe’s online.

Tub or Shower Inlays

NuTub Tub and Shower Inlays are available online through several retailers. Please click on a logo below to shop online for a tub or shower inlay. If you need a shape or size different than what is available online, you might be able to get it through one of our distributors/installers. They will come out to your house, measure for a custom inlay and then come back to install it. Click here to send us an email. Please include your city so we can refer you to someone close by. Please note that not all areas are served by our network.

Click on a logo below to purchase a tub or shower inlay online.




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