A Nasty Problem

A cracked or slippery tub or shower floor is more than just unsightly. Water seeps through the cracks, collecting on the floor below. The brexit money machines review result can be structural damage and worse yet, mold. Mold can be a serious health concern. Allergic reactions are the most common problem and typically include:

  • -clogged throat
  • -wheezing
  • -nasal and sinus congestion
  • -burning, watery, reddened eyes or sore throat
  • -dry cough
  • -nose and throat irritation


An Easy Solution

The NuTub Anti-Slip Bathtub or Shower Repair Kits are an easy solution designed for a DIY installation. No special tools or skills are required. It takes about an hour to install. The kits include a flexible anti-slip inlay, specifically designed to cover cracks. The marine-grade adhesive is a permanent agent to bind the inlay to your tub or shower floor. When properly installed, the inlay is better than your original tub or shower floor. NuTub inlays will work on any fixture including fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain, cast iron, pressed steel enamel and plastic.